LEAH-Merchant Digital Product Sales System Your solution for fully automated or manual downloadable product delivery with no monthly fees!
Do You Sell Or Want To Sell Downloadable Products On The Web?
New Version 4.5 (MAX) with InstaSend™ and Sales Follow-Up Technology

Self Publish and Sell Downloadable Products
24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week!

Do you want to sell downloads online?

If you're an author, reseller, software developer, musician, artist, shareware developer or creator of information or training products then this fully automated software and digital product delivery system will allow you to:

  • Process and Deliver digital product orders fully unattended!
  • Sell MORE downloadable products!
  • Deliver demo software
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Deliver demos and help convert them into paid customers!
  • Spend LESS time processing orders!
  • Use a scientifically proven follow-up technology to close sales and build your email list
  • Spend MORE time doing whatever it is that you like to do!
  • All with no monthly fees.
  • Customers have used LEAH-Merchant to sell products since 2002. That's over 6 years and counting!
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Would you like to sell or resell downloadable products 24 hours a day seven days a week, even while you're away from your computer?

Put your sales on auto-pilot and join others who have discovered LEAH-Merchant DPSS as the hassle-free way to sell digital products: software, ebooks, art, crafts, cross-stitch patterns, documents, photography, reports, presentations, spreadsheets, music and more...

Attention: EBook Authors, Home Business Owners, Resellers, ShareWare and Software Developers. Now you can securely sell: EBooks, Manuals, Reports, Guides, Cook Books, Software, PDFs, Music, images or any other Downloadable Digital or Information Product.

Automated Secure Easy Downloads With Sales Follow-Up = More Sales and Time Saved!

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Affordable Electronic software delivery and digital product delivery all rolled into one.

Protect your downloadable products and reduce ebook, software, information and digital product theft with this easy to install script that requires no monthly or per product download fees. This is affordable 'Do It Yourself' eCommerce with no additional monthly fees. In minutes, you can secure your 2Checkout, Clickbank sales, stop PayPal theft with our PayPal shopping cart features and stop downloadable product link theft. All while automating the sales and delivery process of your digital goods.

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LEAH-Merchant runs with MySQL
We are a 2Checkout Certified Vendor
PHP based software and ebook delivery script
LEAH-Merchant is a member of the PayPal Developer Network

This Best Selling System Was Created By Client By Design, LLC's Team Of Developers For You!!!

LEAH-Merchant DPSS (Digital Product Sales System) is a web based fully database driven and automated electronic software delivery shopping cart system that:

  • Allows anyone to sell downloadable digital products from the web so cookbook authors can distribute their books to anyone who wants one (pdf or ebook format), shareware authors can distribute registration and unlock keys and software and ebook authors can sell their products and generate profits 24/7 - Fully unattended even while you sleep!

  • Sell any type of downloadable file, it doesn't matter. If you own it and can legally sell or resell it, then LEAH-Merchant can distribute it (exe, pdf, html, jpg, MP3, avi, gif, tif, FileMaker, Visual Basic, NS-Basic, Palm OS, Games, Graphics, Clip Art, Web Templates, Royalty Free Images, Printable Certificates, Cross-Stitch Patterns, Animation, anything...)

  • NEW - Sell Music, create bundles and create special bonus product packages too! Now LM MAX allows you to create custom product packages and albums and even sell downloadable music too. Just combine multiple items into a package and you're ready to sell. Great for "Act Now" specials and promotions. Musicians can bundle their songs together with liner notes (PDF, Word, etc), and images (album photos, cd images) ready for download. All individual package items are then delivered to customer via downloadable link.
  • NEW - Allows you to distribute demo products and when combined with the built-in Sales Follow-Up System (auto-responders) you can add a link to your product order page while reminding potential customers of deadlines and your latest deals or specials at timed intervals that you set. Convert demo users into paying customers!
  • NEW - Sell Courses and Tutorials - Just create prewritten content and load them into LEAH-Merchant MAX's Sales Follow-Up System. Then sell your main product and follow-up with course and study materials.
  • NEW - Supports 3rd party affiliate programs. Now you can easily add affiliate program tracking code to your order "thank you" (download) pages to boost sales by creating a potential army of affiliates (requires Java Script or other code provided by 3rd party affiliate program providers).
  • NEW - Place your order pages anywhere within your site (in any folder) and does not require renaming of page extensions (upload as .PHP or .HTML).
  • NEW - Upload product images (with auto image resize feature).
  • Allows Your Buyers to make purchases through Clickbank, PayPal or 2Checkout (all proven vendor solutions) so there' no need to get an expensive merchant account. Start accepting payments and selling your downloadable products today.
  • LEAH-Merchant Then Delivers your products and/or registration numbers to customers without your having to do anything else. Customers don't have to wait for you to manually and pain-stakingly process their order.
  • NEW - Send buyers to a secure order retrieval page where they can login to get their products/packages. This is in addition to the email link and "thank you" page that they get after placing an order.
  • Features improved InstaSend™ Technology as a powerful backup, allowing you to send products manually-on demand. Just take your payment any way you like (check, money order, your existing payment system) and then send your products to your customer with one click of a button. Great for delayed transactions (i.e. manually accepting credit cards by phone or fax, waiting for payments to clear or when you need to send demos, bonus gifts or products at will). The system will even add the recipient to your customer mailing list automatically (for that specific product) allowing you to send announcements, version updates and more!

  • Puts you in control. LEAH-Merchant runs on your web server or hosting account. Just upload and install this script and you're ready to go. Need hosting? visit www.MarchHost.com

  • Allows products to be delivered by download page, secure retrieval area or via personalized email download links. Once your customer makes their purchase(s), they can download products (single or multiple) from your dynamic system-generated download pages, login to their product retrieval area or check their email for self-expiring download link(s) for cart purchases.

  • Does Not allow thieves or search engines to post your private download links throughout the internet on bulletin boards, chat rooms and on illegal download sites. Automatic dynamically generated download Links are unique and can be set to expire (hours, days, number of download attempts, etc). This helps to control intentional or unintentional abuse and theft.

  • Doesn't disguise existing links, it actually creates them on-the-fly. links only exist for the time period or number of limited download attempts that you set. You can even reactivate expired links to allow customers to download their purchases again with an easy one-button resend

  • Allows you to sell software and downloadable products (software, shareware, ebooks, PDF, music, images and other digital media) on the internet without the expense of a merchant account. It's Fully integrated with 2Checkout  ClickBank and PayPal (Three of the top authorized retailers on the Internet) Serving over 80,000,000 potential buyers of your products (PayPal has over 78 Million registered buyers/members alone).

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and more without the added expense of having a merchant account or paying monthly fees.

  • Allows you to distribute your products or license keys easily and securely No more relying on (easily defeated) password protected directories, where passwords can be shared by unscrupulous people. With LEAH-Merchant, Your files can be (optionally) stored in a non public area of your web site for maximum security. Visitors and search engines won't stumble onto your secret download pages, costing you a fortune in potential profits. Nor will you have to keep moving and renaming your files to hide them from prying eyes.

  • Allows you to sell one, ten, even hundreds of items with no additional charges (except 2Checkout, ClickBank, or PayPal's super low transaction fees). Some download services charge per item Uploaded/Downloaded, additional monthly fees and even charge more depending on the size of the file you're distributing. LEAH-Merchant reduces fees and puts more money in your pocket. NO MONTHLY FEES and no extra hidden costs.

  • Allows publishers and Shareware authors to send unique alpha-numeric serial or registration numbers with each individual file. No need to manually send this info. This optional process is fully automated. Send same number or send unique numbers, just load them into the system and you're ready to sell. Great for ebook, shareware and software publishers and resellers who need to send their customers -- serial numbers or passwords.

  • Allows you to stay in touch with your customers with a personalized email sender. You can send email to a specific customer, customers who purchased specific products or to all your customers, through an easy to use interface. Great for announcements and updates. Stores email addresses for all customers (PayPal, ClickBank and 2Checkout). Now it's easy to capture and store your customer's names and email addresses for easy communications.

  • Allows you to export your customer contact list to a text file for import into any email or communications application for follow-up.

  • Allows you to generate copy/paste html code to create order links and buttons. Simply paste this code into your web pages then upload the pages to your site and you're ready to sell. Customers can download the files directly from your dynamic pages or they can download their completed purchases from optional automatically sent confirmation emails.

  • Allows you to sell while you sleep! Works 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Fully automated and unattended** order processing, shareware registration, sales follow-up and more so you can concentrate on making new products or marketing the ones you've got.

  • Allows you to send download links manually. Just type in a name and email address, or select from customer list then select a product and SEND. Now you can fulfill orders that require special handling too!

  • Full Database backup and restore to safe-guard your product info.
  • Much More...

Product features:

  • Runs on any web based UNIX/Linux hosting account that supports MySQL and PHP 4.X (and above)
  • Easy setup wizard and new automated installation program gets you setup and ready to sell in less than 15 minutes on most hosting accounts. Program will actually copy itself to your web server, ready for you to setup and configure.
  • Uses 2Checkout (an authorized retailer of Client By Design, LLC.)- ClickBank and PayPal for Inexpensive Secure Authorized Retail Sales and Order Confirmation.
  • Accepts Multi-Currencies (PayPal)
  • Fully Compatible with 2Checkout V2
  • Automated and Manual (InstaSend™) - On-the-fly download page generation with Expiring individual product download links to single or multiple recipients.
  • Send self expiring download link(s) via email (fully automated or send manually for special orders)
  • Send individual serial or registration numbers for each product downloaded.
  • Upload files (digital products: software, shareware, files, pdfs, music, images) in real-time to your web server server via a built in online control panel or by FTP for larger files.
  • Edit product descriptions
  • Generate pre-formatted cut/paste html Purchase links or buttons
  • Sell and deliver individual items (2Checkout, PayPal and ClickBank)
  • Optionally allow customers to buy multiple items with one purchase via shopping cart (2Checkout, PayPal)
  • Sell unlimited items (no charges or hidden fees for selling extra items)
  • Send personalized customer email (captures ClickBank, PayPal and 2Checkout customer email addresses)
  • Full online Admin control panel
  • Full Product Database Backup
  • Supports SMTP sending of email
  • NEW - Optional Custom Thank You Pages
  • Many more...



  • Download requires Windows compatible PC
  • Easy Self-Installer requires Unix/Linux based hosting enabled with PHP v 4.0 or higher
  • MySQL
  • Enough web server space to store your downloadable files
  • Optionally: For maximum protection, you need the ability to create and access folders above/outside of Public level on your hosting account.

(Almost all hosting providers support these services, so you shouldn't have any problems installing and running LEAH-Merchant). See other requirements. If your web hosting account doesn't support these features, you can get hosting through www.MarchHost.com or IPowerWeb

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Order LEAH-Merchant Sell Downloadable Products Try an actual LEAH-Merchant demo transaction

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LEAH-Merchant Provides Electronic Software Delivery

Disclaimer/Terms: * Free program setup is limited to product installation (uploading to web server and setting access permissions) and is based on customer's ability to provide all FTP, Database and Login details and other required info upon request. Customer gives support team the authorization to upload files to customer's server in order to deliver ready for testing, however customer must test product via PayPal, 2Checkout or ClickBank and is soley reponsible for testing transactions.

** Once setup and tested, product will deliver downloadable purchases fully-unattended, but is, as any other product, limited by dependent hardware, hosting, ISPs, email filtering and the ability of purchasers to complete transactions according to steps/optional steps required by outsourced vendor solutions (PayPal, 2Checkout, Clickbank). LEAH-Merchant and the makers of LEAH-Merchant are not responsible for transaction failures caused by such issues or process changes made by outsourced vendor solution companies.

***No guarantees of income potential are given or implied; such income potential is dependent on your own skills and resources. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using any of the ideas and products sold at LEAH-Merchant.com

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Everyone from software developers to work-at-home moms and dads are using LM to start and support their infoproduct and software distribution businesses. Shouldn't you?

"I've been using Leahmerchant DPSS for several months now and I'm very satisfied with it. It's working so well that I never log into it anymore because I don't really need to administer it."
Al Silverstein
Net Sense, Inc

"Yes, LEAH Merchant is really a great piece of software. It can easily automate my digital delivery system. No doubt! The automation you get is amazing and the interface is superb. The installation manual is very easy to follow and the complete setup can be finished within 15 minutes. This is a "must-have" product for every infoproduct seller."
Raam Anand, CEO,

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LEAH-Merchant DPSS is officially recognized as a 2Checkout 3rd Party Shopping cart system and member of the PayPal Developer Network.



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