LEAH-Merchant Digital Product Sales System Your solution for fully automated or manual downloadable product delivery with no monthly fees!
Do You Sell Or Want To Sell Downloadable Products On The Web?
New Version 4.0 with InstaSend™ and Sales Follow-Up Technology

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Support Information:

To avoid abuse and to keep costs and overhead expenses low. We do not offer product support by phone. Support is email-only for fastest service.

Customer's agree that our support is excellent. All customers are important to us as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are always open to suggestions, so please send your ideas and/or requests.


Script requirements:

If your web hosting account doesn't support these features, you can get hosting through www.MarchHost.com

LEAH-Merchant DPSS is easy to install via a simple setup script.
Your hosting account must meet the following requirements.

1. PHP Version 4.0 or higher.

2. MySQL DataBase Access (local or remote).

3. You must have access to your site via FTP.

4. For best security and ease of use you must have the ability to create and access folders outside of your public folder (often called Public_Html or WWW on many hosting accounts) for storage of your downloadable files. Your downloadable products (ones you are selling) are stored in a folder outside of public access to secure your merchandise.

As always you can also store your product files in any regular web folder and still sell securely. As long as you use an uncommon folder/directory name and never tell anyone the folder name, theives cannot guess their way to downloading your products. (example: instead of "downloads" call your folder "ABZ1234EDWNLD123" whatever legal name your web server will allow).

5. You will need a 2Checkout -- ClickBank or a PayPal account to accept payments.

All providers have excellent affiliate programs to help you generate additional income, so consider joining as well.

2Checkout's Fees:

  • $49 One-Time Setup Fee (No monthly fees or other charges)
  • $0.45 per Transaction + 5.5% of Transaction Amount
  • No charges if you don't make sales
  • Learn more and open an account

ClickBank Fees:


Please visit PayPal site to learn more and to open an account


Compare to fees associated with Merchant accounts and you'll save hundreds per year.

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"I've been using Leahmerchant DPSS for several months now and I'm very satisfied with it. It's working so well that I never log into it anymore because I don't really need to administer it."
Al Silverstein
Net Sense, Inc

"Yes, LEAH Merchant is really a great piece of software. It can easily automate my digital delivery system. No doubt! The automation you get is amazing and the interface is superb. The installation manual is very easy to follow and the complete setup can be finished within 15 minutes. This is a "must-have" product for every infoproduct seller."
Raam Anand, CEO,

Contact Leah Merchant Support

Installation is easy and takes only 15 minutes or less. However, assistance is just an email away!

LEAH-Merchant DPSS is officially recognized as a 2Checkout 3rd Party Shopping cart system and member of the PayPal Developer Network.



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